Application of Terrazzo coating

The terrazzo is a very decorative composite flooring of Italian origin. The terrazzo is a recycled material. It often contains recycled glass or leftover granite and marble chips from stone processing plants. The thin epoxy contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), eliminating degassing in its manufacturing and installation, and during the life of the floor. Because it is non-porous and seamless, epoxy clay flooring does not allow moisture or radon to penetrate it, which promotes better indoor air quality. The whole is polished to bring a matte finish, shiny or satin. Can be used indoors or outdoors, the terrazzo can be applied to any type of support, new or existing.

We offer you a wide variety of patterns, very beautiful colors and variable densities following your tastes. The terrazzo will make your surfaces luxurious, reminiscent of the marble aspect and the chic of the grand palaces. Very resistant to impacts, loads and many passages, it is particularly suitable for shops, corridors, kitchens, bathrooms, lounges, terraces…

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