Surface preparation and glue removal

The preparation of the concrete surface for the application of a coating or a repair product includes all the steps that follow the removal of the degraded concrete. Many of these steps are required when little or no concrete is removed. Proper preparation provides a dry, even, flat surface that is free from dirt, dust, oil and grease. The removal of surface contaminants ensures direct contact between the primaries and repair products and the substrate, increasing the surface area and roughness of the substrate and ensuring better adhesion of the applied product.

The equipment used for polishing can also be used for surface preparation, we simply put more abrasive diamonds on the machine. This is a process that takes place relatively quickly depending on the type of glue to be removed. The surface profile may be suitable for any type of coating. Shotblasting, commonly known as “Blastrac”, is a high-velocity propulsion process of steel balls on the concrete surface. It is used to clean and / or prick the floor. It removes dirt, laitance from concrete and any materials that may be detrimental to the application of the new coating.

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