Planchers Millenium Superfloor also specialize in the application of any type of sealant for interior and exterior concrete floors. Sealants used indoors do not give off odors and pose no health hazard. The most commonly used sealant is a silicate and siliconate product that penetrates the concrete surface and hardens the surface. This type of sealant is mainly used on commercial, industrial and institutional floors. Silicate-based densifiers are resistant, durable, nontoxic and inexpensive as they represent a real revolution in the industry. In short, a densifier is used to cure concrete surfaces and to protect them in a very durable way. When you drop something heavy on a concrete floor or concrete countertop, the affected surface compresses and bounces (without being visible to the naked eye) within a fraction of a second, releasing a sealer. A silicate densifier, on the other hand, makes the concrete stronger.

The advantages of this type of sealant are:

  • Reduction of porosity and increase in surface hardness.
  • Minimizes the penetration of oil and several chemicals.
  • Minimizes tire traces and allows them to be removed easier.
  • Tools can be cleaned with water.
  • Can be applied to new hardened and matured concrete, as well as on existing concrete.
  • Improves appearance with a semi-gloss finish.

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